Classes for defining and using "smart" properties with Brazil.


Interface Summary
SubstPropsHandler.Convert Class that maps strings to strings.

Class Summary
ExprProps ExprProps is a subclass of Properties that is "smart" in the sense that it wraps a Calculator object, passing get and getProperty keys to the Calculator for processing.
ExprPropsHandler The ExprPropsHandler installs an expression evaluator as a "smart properties" into the current request object, enabling arithmetic and logical expression evaluation in property name lookups.
PropertiesList A PropertiesList instance is intended to be an element of a doubly linked list consisting of other PropertiesList instances.
SubstPropsHandler Handler that performs value conversions on ${...} substitutions.
SubstPropsHandler.Html HTML escape a value.
SubstPropsHandler.LowerCase Convert a value to lowercase.
SubstPropsHandler.Resub Do a regexp substitution on a value.
SubstPropsHandler.Url URL encode a String.

Package Description

Classes for defining and using "smart" properties with Brazil.

"Smart properties" are sub-classes of ordinary java properties: they have put() and getProperty() methods. However, rather than saving and returning static string values, the various smart properties compute their values dynamically.

Smart properties may be inserted into the request.props() properties chain (see Request.addSharedProps(java.util.Dictionary)) to uniformly add new and dynamic behavior when processing Request.props.

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