Class TestRequest

  extended by sunlabs.brazil.server.Request
      extended by sunlabs.brazil.server.TestRequest (view source)

public class TestRequest
extends Request

Version of Request for testing purposes. Arranges for all output to be captured in one place so the ouput of a test may be compared with the expected output.

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connectionHeader, headers, keepAlive, MAX_BLANKS, method, out, postData, props, protocol, query, responseHeaders, server, serverProps, serverProtocol, sock, startMillis, url, version
Constructor Summary
TestRequest(Server server, String request)
Method Summary
 String log()
 void log(int level, Object obj, String message)
          Logs a message by calling Server.log.
 Object put(String key, String value)
 String result()
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addHeader, addHeader, addSharedProps, getProtocol, getQueryData, getQueryData, getRequest, getRequestHeader, getReuseCount, getSocket, getStatus, log, redirect, removeSharedProps, replaceHeader, sendError, sendError, sendHeaders, sendResponse, sendResponse, sendResponse, sendResponse, sendResponse, serverUrl, setStatus, toString
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Constructor Detail


public TestRequest(Server server,
                   String request)
            throws IOException
Method Detail


public Object put(String key,
                  String value)


public String log()


public String result()


public void log(int level,
                Object obj,
                String message)
Description copied from class: Request
Logs a message by calling Server.log. Typically a message is generated on the console or in a log file, if the level is less than the current server log setting.

log in class Request
level - The severity of the message.
obj - The object that the message relates to.
message - The message that will be logged.
See Also:
Server.log(int, Object, String)

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