Class PropertiesCacheManager

  extended by sunlabs.brazil.session.SessionManager
      extended by sunlabs.brazil.session.CacheManager
          extended by sunlabs.brazil.session.PropertiesCacheManager (view source)
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class PropertiesCacheManager
extends CacheManager
implements Handler

A version of the CacheManager that saves out any session state that is either a "java properties" object, or implements "Saveable" into a directory in the filesystem, one file per entry, then restores them on server startup. This is a "poor man's" serialization, that saves only ascii state represented in properties files. This permits a wider variety of changes to be made to the server code, yet still have the ability to read in the proper session information.

Classes that are not properties files may implement "Saveable", which has the store() and load() methods from Properties; they are expected to generate and restore the state of the object in Properties format.

This handler/sessionManager can take an ascii-readable "snapshot" of the server state, for all state that is a java properties object (or implements Saveable). It doesn't perturb the existing state.


The directory to use to store the state files. It is created as needed when the state is saved. Defalts to "store".
A glob pattern that matches the url (or url?query if a query is used. Defaults to "*\?*save=true".
A prefix pattern to use for all session files. Defaults to the handler prefix.
If set, the saved session information is not reconstructed upon startup. Only the list of sessions is read in; the session information is restored only when needed.

Nested Class Summary
static interface PropertiesCacheManager.Saveable
          This interface allows for persistence of non-properties session objects.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean init(Server server, String prefix)
          Install this class as the session manager.
 boolean respond(Request request)
          Don't handle any URL requests (yet)
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Constructor Detail


public PropertiesCacheManager()
Method Detail


public boolean init(Server server,
                    String prefix)
Description copied from class: CacheManager
Install this class as the session manager. Get the number of tables, and the max size per table.

Specified by:
init in interface Handler
init in class CacheManager
server - The HTTP server that created this Handler. Typical Handlers will use Server.props to obtain run-time configuration information.
prefix - The handlers name. The string this Handler may prepend to all of the keys that it uses to extract configuration information from Server.props. This is set (by the Server and ChainHandler) to help avoid configuration parameter namespace collisions.
true if this Handler initialized successfully, false otherwise. If false is returned, this Handler should not be used.


public boolean respond(Request request)
Description copied from class: CacheManager
Don't handle any URL requests (yet)

Specified by:
respond in interface Handler
respond in class CacheManager
request - The Request object that represents the HTTP request.
true if the request was handled. A request was handled if a response was supplied to the client, typically by calling Request.sendResponse() or Request.sendError.

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