Class AfterTemplate

  extended by sunlabs.brazil.template.Template
      extended by sunlabs.brazil.sunlabs.AfterTemplate (view source)
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public class AfterTemplate
extends Template

Template for running markup after a while. all the markup between the <after> and matching </after> tags are remembered. After "ms" msec have elapsed (defaults to 100), the remembered markup is processed using (almost) the rewrite context that was in effect when the <after> tag was recognized. A copy of the request properties is made, but all other property lists are shared.

If "eval" is specified, then ${..} substitutions are performed on all content before it is processed. The <after> tags can nest. The output from the processing is discarded, this element is used for it's side effects.

By default, the contents of "SessionID" are used for the session. Use the id attribute to override that. Remember, when the "after" markup is running, all templates processesing using the same session will be blocked, just as if the markup was invoked normally.

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 void tag_after(RewriteContext hr)
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public AfterTemplate()
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public void tag_after(RewriteContext hr)

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