Class PipeTemplate

  extended by sunlabs.brazil.template.Template
      extended by sunlabs.brazil.sunlabs.PipeTemplate (view source)
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public class PipeTemplate
extends Template

Template to run a program, in a pipe, feed data to its stdin, and get data back from its stdout.

This template processes the <pipe ...> tag. The following attributes are supported. ${...} substitutions are preformed before the command is run. This template implements a "coprocess" model of IPC, where a process is started, then communicates with templates via its stdin and stdout. The "Stdout" of the co-process (e.g. the "command"), must have line-buffered input and output for this to work.

The command to run. The environment (and path) are inherited from the server. This is a required parameter.
The name of the Queue to listen on for output (required)
The name of the Queue that accepts stdin (required)
If specified, this names the process. The "id" will be available along with each "line" dequeued. The "id" may also be used to Kill the process.
Termimates a previously started process named "id", if any. "id"'s are global for each invoking template. If "kill" is speicified, all other attributes are ignored.

Each line of output is placed into the "stdoutQ" queue as a single element map named "line". If the process terminates, the "error" element of the map is set instead. Lines destined for the "stdin" of the process are placed in the "line" element of a map, end enqueued to the "stdinQ" using the QueueTemplate. Both stdout and stderr are placed into the "stdoutQ". The "source" element is set to "stdout" and "stderr" accordingly, so they may be distinguished. Although "stdout" is line buffered, "stdout" is not, and the data is queued (in the "line" element) in arbibrary up to 256 character chunks.


<pipe command="runme" stdinQ=in stdoutQ=out>
Start the command "runme" in a pipeline
<enqueue name=in data=line#to_runme>
send the line "to_runme" to the stdin of the "runme" process
<dequeue name=out prepend=q. timelimit=5>
Read a line from the stdout of the "runme" process

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 void tag_pipe(RewriteContext hr)
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public PipeTemplate()
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public void tag_pipe(RewriteContext hr)

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