Class RestartHandler

  extended by sunlabs.brazil.sunlabs.RestartHandler (view source)
All Implemented Interfaces:
sun.misc.SignalHandler, Handler

public class RestartHandler
extends Object
implements Handler, sun.misc.SignalHandler

Restart the server when a sigHUP is received. Only The handlers are restarted, by creating new instances of them, and calling the respective init() methods. None of the other server properties (such as the listening port) are effected. Any requests that are currently in-progress complete using the old configuration.



The name of the configuration file to use for this server. Relative paths are resolved relative to the current directory. If no file is specified, the server continues to use its existing configuration [which has presumably been modified in-place]. If a config file is specified and the config file hasn't changed, then no restart is done.
If set, and a config file is specified, the existing configuration (server.props) is not cleared first.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void handle(sun.misc.Signal sig)
          Restart the server after re-reading the config file
 boolean init(Server server, String prefix)
          Initializes the handler.
 boolean respond(Request request)
          Responds to an HTTP request.
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Constructor Detail


public RestartHandler()
Method Detail


public boolean init(Server server,
                    String prefix)
Description copied from interface: Handler
Initializes the handler.

Specified by:
init in interface Handler
server - The HTTP server that created this Handler. Typical Handlers will use Server.props to obtain run-time configuration information.
prefix - The handlers name. The string this Handler may prepend to all of the keys that it uses to extract configuration information from Server.props. This is set (by the Server and ChainHandler) to help avoid configuration parameter namespace collisions.
true if this Handler initialized successfully, false otherwise. If false is returned, this Handler should not be used.


public boolean respond(Request request)
Description copied from interface: Handler
Responds to an HTTP request.

Specified by:
respond in interface Handler
request - The Request object that represents the HTTP request.
true if the request was handled. A request was handled if a response was supplied to the client, typically by calling Request.sendResponse() or Request.sendError.


public void handle(sun.misc.Signal sig)
Restart the server after re-reading the config file

Specified by:
handle in interface sun.misc.SignalHandler

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