Class AllowGtTemplate

  extended by sunlabs.brazil.template.Template
      extended by sunlabs.brazil.template.AllowGtTemplate (view source)
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public class AllowGtTemplate
extends Template

Template that changes the behavior of the HTML/XML parser to allow unescaped >'s inside of entity attribute values. On the down side, it doesn't deal with unmatched "'s gracefully

By default, the LexML parser does not allow a > inside of an entity body. The parser allows applications to provide ways of allowing embedded >'s, based on whatever syntax they like, This example will ignore a > (as the end of the entity) if inside a quoted attribute value.

No new markup is supported; the behavior of the HTML/XML parsing is altered for the duration of the page. This template is useful primarily to demonstrate how to change the parser token processing.

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 boolean init(RewriteContext hr)
          Replace the "default" parser with our modified one.
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public AllowGtTemplate()
Method Detail


public boolean init(RewriteContext hr)
Replace the "default" parser with our modified one.

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init in class Template

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