Class TemplateTemplate

  extended by sunlabs.brazil.template.Template
      extended by sunlabs.brazil.template.TemplateTemplate (view source)
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public class TemplateTemplate
extends Template

Template class for processing markup through a sequence of template filters. The markup may be processed in a different template context than the current page. This class processes:

 <template data=... [id=... name=... token=... prefix=...ignore=true|false]>
contains the markup to process.
Which prefix to assign the templates, if the "token" list contains class names. Defaults to our prefix.
names the SessionID to use to process the content, Defaults to the current SessionID.
names the request property that contains the class names or tokens that will define the templates that will process the data (see the TemplateFilter discussion regarding the templates property). It defaults to "templates" with this class's prefix.
If true, the result of the template processing is ignored. by default it is inserted into the resultant markup.
If specified, the result is placed in this variable instead of being emitted inline.

The templates for processing each token are setup only once, the first time the token is referenced.

If "prefix" and "token" are not specified, the markup is processed through the same set of templates as the current page. Specifying "token" allows the markup to be processed by a different set of templates as the page; using a different prefix allows the markup to be processed through templates using a different set of configuration options.

Note that since only one template may be active at a time for a given "token" and "id", care must be taken to avoid deadlock: make sure the "id" or "token" (or both) is different than the current page.

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 void tag_template(RewriteContext hr)
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public TemplateTemplate()
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public void tag_template(RewriteContext hr)

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