Package sunlabs.brazil.template

Template classes for use with TemplateHandler or TemplateFilter for filtering HTML and XML content.


Interface Summary
TemplateInterface Interface for templates.

Class Summary
AddHeaderTemplate Template class for adding arbitrary mime headers to a reply.
AllowGtTemplate Template that changes the behavior of the HTML/XML parser to allow unescaped >'s inside of entity attribute values.
BSLTemplate The BSLTemplate takes an HTML document with embedded "BSL" markup tags in it and evaluates those special tags to produce a standard HTML document.
ChangedTemplate This Template adds an icon to HREFs to indicate when the file being referred to is new, changed, or unchanged with respect to the user's session.
ContentTemplate Template class for extracting content out of remote html pages.
DebugTemplate Template class for printing stuff to stderr (for template debugging).
DeCommentTemplate Template class for removing comments from html pages.
DirectoryTemplate Put current directory information (based on the URL) into the request properties.
FormClientTemplate [Deprecated, use the FormTemplate and SetTemplate instead]
SAMPLE Template class for substituting Default values into html forms The data is retrieved from the client, and sent back to the client later on.
FormTemplate Template class for substituting default values into html forms.
HighlightTemplate Template class for highlighting text that matches a regular expression.
IncludeTemplate Convert the html tag "include" in to text for an included html page.
MacroTemplate Template class for defining macros.
ModifiedTemplate Template class for computing last-modified times for content that is processed through templates.
MultipartSetTemplate Version of the SetTemplate that reflects form/multipart data in Request.props.
NoImageTemplate Sample template class for removing all images from a web page, and replacing them with their alt strings.
PropsTemplate [Deprecated, use the the SetTemplate.]
Template class for substituting request properties into an HTML page.
QueueTemplate Template class for Managing simple Queues, allowing text communication among sessions.
QueueTemplate.Queue Create an object queue.
QueueTemplate.QueueItem A bag of items to keep on the Q.
RedirectTemplate [Deprecated, use the AddHeaderTemplate instead.]
Template class for redirecting an html page This class is used by the TemplateHandler
RewriteContext A variant containing instance variables that may be referenced by rewriting filters.
ScriptEvalTemplate Template class for performing ${...} substitutions inside javascript and style tags.
SetTemplate Template (and handler) class for setting and getting values to and from the current (or other) request context.
TemplateHandler The TemplateHandler reads a template file from the document root, based on the URL, and passes the content through one or more template filters.
TemplateRunner Class for processing html templates.
TemplateTemplate Template class for processing markup through a sequence of template filters.
TOCTemplate Template class for extracting table of contents information out of an html page by examining the "H1" tags, and setting request properties that can be used to build a table of contents.
UrlNavBarTemplate Template class for dynamically generating a navigation bar by looking at portions of the url.

Package sunlabs.brazil.template Description

Template classes for use with TemplateHandler or TemplateFilter for filtering HTML and XML content. Each class in this package defines a set of methods for converting new html tags into standard html. The Template interface used to define templates doesn't define the methods used for processing. Instead, the TemplateHandler introspects all of the methods in a template class to determine which ones should be called when HTML tags are seen in the input document.

This is an XML like capability that is backward compatible with existing HTML practice.

See Summary of Template tags

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