Package sunlabs.brazil.handler

This package contains a collection classes that implement the Handler interface for use with the Server package, along with several support classes.


Class Summary
AclSwitchHandler Simple access control hander based on url prefixes or regexps.
BasicAuthHandler The BasicAuthHandler obtains a Session ID by performing "basic" authentication, using either the "Authorization" or the "Proxy-Authorization" headers.
CgiHandler Handler for implementing cgi/1.1 interface.
ChainSawHandler Variant of the chain handler for doing standard logging.
ChownHandler Handler for changing the group and owner of the server.
ConfigFileHandler Handler for manipulating per-user session state that can be represented as ASCII name/value pairs.
CookieSessionHandler Handler for creating browser sessions using cookies.
DefaultFileHandler Handler for appending a url ending with '/' into the appropriate url based on a default file in the file system.
DeferredHandler Wrap another handler, deferring its initialization until request time.
DialogHandler Sample handler for popping up a dialog box on the server.
DigestAuthHandler Perform digest authentication.
DirectoryHandler This is a bare-bones handler for providing directory listings for web servers.
DynamicConfigHandler The DynamicConfigHandler allows the user to change the configuration of the server and its handlers on the fly.
GenericProxyHandler Handler for implementing a virtual web site.
HomeDirHandler Handler for converting ~username queries.
HtmlRewriter This class helps with parsing and rewriting an HTML document.
LogHandler Handler for logging information about requests.
MapPage Utility class to rewrite links inside of web pages so they appear to come from a different site.
MatchString Utility class for handlers to determine, based on the URL, if the current request should be processed.
MultiHostHandler The MultiHostHandler allows the user to handle a set of host names that are all running on the same IP address.
MultiProxyHandler Handler for permitting multiple cross connected virtual web sites.
NotFoundHandler Handler for returning "file not found" errors back to the client.
PollHandler Handler for periodically polling another web site, whose results are (optionally) added to the server's properties.
PropertiesHandler Handler for returning selected request properties as a text/plain document in java properties format.
ProxyPropertiesHandler Obtain properties format content from remote websites, and add it to the current request properties.
PublishHandler Handler for supporting publishing from Communicator.
PushHandler Skeleton Handler for uploading files using multipart/form-data.
PushHandler.Split Split multipart data into its constituent pieces.
ReflectHandler Handler for reflecting query data back to the client.
RePollHandler Do regsub processing on content to extract properties.
RePollHandler.Extract A "bag" to store regular expression extraction instructions
ResourceHandler Handler for serving documents out of the jar file.
ResourceLimitHandler Handler for server resource management.
RestrictClientHandler Simple access control hander based on source ip addresses.
RolesHandler Handler for associating roles with an id.
SimpleSessionHandler Handler for creating browser sessions based on information found in the http request.
SMTPHandler Handler (or template) for Sending an email message via SMTP.
SupplyHandler Sample Handler for dispatching different users to different url's based on a special http authentication header.
UrlMapperHandler Handler for mapping or redirecting URLs.
VirtualHostHandler Handler for managing virtual hosts using the same server configuration.

Package sunlabs.brazil.handler Description

This package contains a collection classes that implement the Handler interface for use with the Server package, along with several support classes.

Just about the only thing they have in common is their lack of dependencies on any other packages. Some provide generic capabilities, such as standard CGI interfaces or template processing, others are either special purpose, provided to demonstrate how to write handlers, and others are skeleton handlers, designed to be finished to provide application specific functionality.

You can find a summary of the handlers' options here.

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